What it does ...

EPGImpoter receives EPG data from plugins, the DataSource-Modules. The plugin API is open and everyone is encouraged to send own plugins. (I'd be glad to publish your plugins here ... but you will have to provide me the source).
Received EPG data gets parsed according to your settings, "$title$ ($year$/$country$)" for example, and will be stored in DVBViewer, RecordService or EPGroxy. Cherry on the cake is the support for images as long as the plugin makes them available.

Download ...

Setup.msi: http://www.dajerk.de/EPGImporter/Setup.msi
To receive regulary updates use "Settings"/"Auto-Update" from time to time.

Genremapping.xml: http://www.dajerk.de/EPGImporter/genremapping.xml
A very nice genremapping made by tbuk00 - thanks!

OS & Localization

EPGImporter works with XP, Vista and Windows 7, .NET is required. Localization supports English and German. If you feel like translating ~100 strings to another language could be fun please contact me.

/jrk (11/23/2012)

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